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Volunteering at a Vibestown event is a fun and rewarding way to experience a music & arts festival. Share your skills, meet new people, get a behind-the-scenes look at the event, as well as listen to some amazing music.

Work for 6-6.5 hours over the two-day festival and we’ll give you a free ticket and limited edition t-shirt in exchange for your time and dedication. We have a range of roles available including ticketing, bartending, sustainability + more.


Positioned in one of the festival bars, volunteers will be serving drinks, processing drink sales and helping re-stock the bar floor. Most of these positions require an RSA, however we do have some bar back positions not requiring an RSA.


These volunteers will be helping with duties such as scanning tickets and allocating the correct wristband (based on ID checks). Some volunteers will also be needed to process ticket sales in the box office, and answer ticket enquiries.


We have various roles available as part of the Green Team.Most of these shifts will be a shift in the morning so you can enjoy the rest of the festival (some may be in the arvo!). Volunteers will be sorting rubbish in our waste station before it heads off for recycling, or supporting the cleaning crew.


There are a limited number of miscellaneous positions available such as Info booth, bump in, merch and more. Let us know in your application if you are interested in a career in events and looking for a foot in the door.

Step 1: Application
Sign up to our Volunteer system and fill in and “EOI” Application;

  • “About Me” – Your Details
  • Job and festival experience – so we can assign you to the right role
  • Accept terms and conditions – this will submit your application

After this, sit tight and wait for step 2!

Step 2: Onboarding

You will be notified by email when your application has been approved.

Here, you will log back in to the volunteer system too;

  • Let us know your event preferences, who you want to work with, what role is your first pick, what size shirt should we order for you?
  • Pay the $1 Fee, as per the Terms and Conditions, you are required to pay a $1 fee, and we will store the credit card details until after the event. (It may take 2-3 business days)

Step 3: Sit tight
If you have done these steps sit tight and await the following:

  • You will be assigned your role well in advance
  • The roster will be released 1-2 weeks before the event

Keep checking back on the volunteer system to see these updates


What if I have work or a commitment while the event is on?

Be sure to include any commitments on your experience/references section so that we don’t  give you a shift during this time.

What if there is an artist I REALLY want to see?

Let us know in the application and we will do our best to accommodate.

When will everything happen?

  • Application Accepted/Rejected: usually within the first week of applying
  • Role allocated: within the first 2-3 weeks of completing onboarding + paying the $1 fee
  • Roster released: 1-2 weeks from the festival
  • Ticket sent out – the day/night before the event